Special Technical Inform


  'Hi-Ferric' is the registered trade name of Hi-Ferric Technology Limited, which is an associate company of ours. The wire of the speech coil has an alloy of ferric elements, mainly cobalt, iron and nickel added. When electric current is passed through the coil conductor it becomes an energised magnet in its own right. The degree of magnetism is relative to the degree of ferric treatment, which in the case of Lowther drive units is in the region of 600 gauss. When the treated coil is placed within the host magnet of the speaker unit it is perfectly aligned within the air-gap. On receiving an electrical signal the coil will either accelerate away from or be attracted to the host magnet, depending on the polarity of the applied signal. In consequence the speed of the coil is greatly increased and results in a much cleaner signal which is able to extract a great deal more information from the recorded source. Unwanted coil oscillations are virtually eliminated thus reducing signal distortion from this source to an absolute minimum. Separation of the recorded material is vastly improved. The damping effect achieved with the 'Hi-Ferric' material when no signal is applied (or between signals) is also greatly increased. Magnetic fluids endeavour to achieve some of these benefits but are unable to attain anything like the advantages of the 'Hi-Ferric' wire. In use these sticky liquids are dragged along by the coil. This has a degrading effect on the reproduced sound. Conversely, 'Hi-Ferric' is part of the coil and consequently stays with the coil however rapid the transience of the applied signals are. Because of 'Hi-Ferric' the coil is always in the correct position in the magnet's air-gap to receive the next signal. In addition to this, because 'Hi-Ferric' is part of the coil it is capable of handling all frequency ranges, whereas magnetic fluids are not realistically usable for bass and lower mid ranges.